MKT Manufacturing Excavator Mounted Hammer V-5

The MKT Manufacturing Excavator Mounted Hammer V-5 is a robust addition to any construction or foundation project. Known for its rugged and reliable performance, the V-5 offers a driving force of 53 tons, making it suitable for a wide range of piling applications. Its design is particularly ideal for low headroom applications when mounted on an excavator, ensuring that even in tight spaces, your project can proceed without a hitch. The V-5’s durable construction is engineered to minimize maintenance and downtime, which in turn maximizes efficiency on the job site. This efficiency is further enhanced by the hammer’s versatility; it is the only product on the market that can switch from a crane-hung system to an excavator mounted side clamp system with ease. This dual functionality not only saves time but also provides an enhanced return on investment by offering two products in one.

Product and Technical Information

To cater to various piling needs, the V-5 comes with interchangeable clamps. These clamps are designed to drive different types of piles, including pipe pile, sheet pile, H pile, timber pile, and larger diameter caissons. The flexibility to switch between pile types without the need for additional equipment is a significant advantage, allowing for seamless transitions between tasks.

Control is key in pile driving operations, and the V-5 ensures precision with options for a remote pendant, wireless remote, or joystick controls. Operators can choose the control method that best suits their preferences and the demands of the project, ensuring optimal handling and driving of piles.

In summary, the MKT Manufacturing Excavator Mounted Hammer V-5 stands out in the marketplace for its exceptional driving force, adaptability for low headroom spaces, and its innovative design that combines two systems into one. Its interchangeable clamps and control options further solidify its position as a top choice for contractors looking to drive a variety of piles with efficiency and precision.

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