MKT Manufacturing Excavator Mounted Hammer V-8

The MKT Manufacturing Excavator Mounted Hammer V-8 is the epitome of heavy-duty pile driving equipment. With a formidable 80 tons of driving force at maximum frequency, it stands as one of the most powerful options in MKT’s range of vibratory hammers, suitable for the most demanding projects. This hammer is designed to be mounted on excavators weighing 70,000 lb. and up, making it a perfect match for larger construction equipment. The V-8’s system weight is optimized to ensure stability and efficiency when paired with such excavators.

Product and Technical Information

One of the V-8’s standout features is its operational versatility. It can operate at high or standard frequency, with the operator able to switch between the two with the simple push of a button. This feature allows for customization according to the specific requirements of the pile and soil conditions, ensuring effective driving and extraction of piles.

The V-8 is also designed with low headroom applications in mind, making it an excellent choice for indoor projects or under bridges where vertical space is limited. Additionally, its compact design makes it suitable for job sites with restricted space, allowing for pile driving operations where traditional equipment might not fit.

Control options for the V-8 include a remote pendant, wireless remote, or joystick controls, providing flexibility for operators to choose the most comfortable and efficient method of operation. This level of control, combined with the hammer’s rotational, side-to-side, and fore/aft capabilities, ensures precise pile driving even in challenging conditions.

The hammer operates off of the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic circuit, which simplifies the setup and reduces the need for additional power sources. This integration streamlines the pile driving process, allowing for quicker transitions between tasks and reducing overall project timelines.

In conclusion, the MKT Manufacturing Excavator Mounted Hammer V-8 is a high-performance tool that offers unparalleled driving force, frequency versatility, and adaptability to various job site conditions, making it an invaluable asset for contractors in the deep foundation and construction industries.

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