About AkSela

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Aksela offers a large variety of foundation equipment to serve a range of drilling applications through-out the Midwest and the United States.

We sell, rent and service products from leading OEMs in foundational drilling including CZM, Bayshore Systems and Bauer.

Aksela offers a full range of solutions to support your needs including sales, rental, parts and service.  Our outstanding sales department is ready to work with you in solving any issues you may be facing with your deep foundation projects.  Our rental customers rely on us to reduce overhead, access support when they need it, provide project flexibility and keep projects on schedule.

We are proud to be an authorized rental and service provider for leading foundational drilling equipment and tooling brands including CZM, Bayshore Systems and Jeffrey Machine.  

We offer a full line of drilling rigs that are superbly engineered for the most important foundation applications. Whether your needs are deep foundation, ground improvement, earth retention, construction & infrastructure, electric transmission and distribution, landfill or rathole, our outstanding team is available to assist you.

Aksela offers turn-key solutions and expert advice for specialized foundational drill applications including CFA (continuous flight augers), kelly drilling, displacement piles, limited access and low-overhead foundational drilling. 

Our range of foundation drilling equipment includes standard mast rigs, short mast rigs, long reach rigs, ultra short reach rigs, cylinder crowd, cable crowd rigs, micro pile rigs and pile driving rigs.  

Aksela offers a full line of drill rig tooling to meet your needs in the field. Tooling is an important component of your drill rig. By selecting the right tool for the job, you can work efficiently and finish your project on budget.  Our range of tooling includes dirt augers, rock augers, core barrels, drilling buckets, clean-out buckets, casing twister, kelly boxes, adapters, shim boxes, teeth and holders.