Bayshore Systems DH40 Drilling Rig

The DH40 Excavator LōDril from Bay Shore Systems, originally introduced in 1991 and still going strong after 30 years, is a durable and versatile low drill. With 99% of LōDrils ever sold still in use today, the DH40’s low profile and carrier versatility make it the ideal tool for jobs with limited access. Whether you’re working in tight building interiors or beneath bridges and power lines with minimal overhead clearance, the DH40 excels in challenging environments.

Product and Technical Information

Featuring EOH Control Joystick Technology, Bay Shore Systems continues to lead in technological innovation. The new EOH System, with electronically controlled systems, ensures compatibility with EOH excavators and offers streamlined control functionality through a digital touch screen. This advanced system provides quick troubleshooting capabilities, reducing downtime significantly and enabling faster issue resolution.

The DH40 offers flexibility in mounting options, a low attachment height (14-26 ft depending on LōDril configuration), and telescoping kelly bars (up to 80 ft drilling depth), allowing you to overcome any obstacle in your drilling operations. Contact Bay Shore Systems today to discover how the DH40 LōDril can elevate your drilling capabilities.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.