Bayshore Systems TR50 Drilling Rig

The Bayshore Systems TR50 is a testament to the company’s commitment to reliability and quality. Designed to excel in a variety of drilling jobs, the TR50 is versatile enough to handle standard foundation drilling, rock drilling, and operations in challenging locations such as beneath powerlines. With its impressive rotary torque of 50,000 ft-lbs and a maximum hole depth of 80 feet, the TR50 is engineered to deliver consistent, high-quality performance from the first hole to the last. One of the standout features of the TR50 is its 100% hydraulic system, which includes a fully integrated kelly winch. This feature, along with the three different mounting solutions (truck, track, or excavator), offers unparalleled flexibility in how you approach your drilling projects. The ability to choose the best mounting option for the job at hand means that the TR50 can adapt to the specific needs of each site, providing a tailored solution that enhances productivity and efficiency.

Product and Technical Information

Bay Shore Systems has also embraced technological advancements with their Electric-over-Hydraulic (EOH) Control System. Moving away from traditional pilot-controlled hydraulic systems, the EOH System is electronically controlled, aligning with the industry’s shift towards EOH excavators. This compatibility ensures that Bay Shore attachments can be mounted on a wide range of excavators, further expanding the TR50’s adaptability.

The EOH Control System’s streamlined control functionality is another significant advantage. Operators can easily adjust settings using a digital touch screen, allowing for quick changes on the fly. This user-friendly interface simplifies the operation and can lead to increased productivity on the job site.

Moreover, the advanced troubleshooting capabilities of the EOH System provide near-instantaneous feedback, which is a game-changer for minimizing downtime. Issues that previously might have taken a day to resolve can now be addressed in just a few hours, thanks to the system’s quick diagnostic feedback. This means that operators can quickly identify and rectify problems, keeping the rig running smoothly and reducing costly interruptions.

For those interested in learning more about the capabilities and features of the TR50, Bay Shore Systems offers additional information and support. Contacting Bay Shore Systems directly will provide access to detailed specifications, expert advice, and answers to any questions you may have about how the TR50 can meet the demands of your drilling projects.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.