Bayshore Systems TR60 Drilling Rig

The TR60 Excavator LōDril, a key member of Bay Shore Systems’ TR Series, has been a standout performer over the past 6 years with over 130 rigs built. This high-quality hydraulic rig features a robust 65,000 ft-lb rotary torque and a maximum hole depth of 80 feet (24.4 meters), making it a versatile and powerful drilling solution. Equipped with a fully integrated kelly winch, the TR60 offers efficiency and customization options, including mounting choices such as truck, track, and excavator, allowing you to tailor your drilling setup to your specific needs. For reduced noise and environmental impact on the job site, utilizing a truck as the carrier and tapping into its main engine during operation is a smart choice. Opting for a track-mounted setup eliminates the need to reset outriggers for each hole, saving valuable time. If accessing the rig’s full capabilities under challenging conditions is a priority, choosing an excavator as the base maximizes range, pivoting ability, and reach.

Product and Technical Information

The TR60’s fully integrated Kelly Winch, available in 100% hydraulic with three mounting solutions (truck, track, or excavator), offers unparalleled flexibility in approaching drilling tasks. Bay Shore Systems’ cutting-edge Electric-over-Hydraulic (EOH) Control System enhances operational efficiency by transitioning to electronically controlled systems compatible with EOH excavators. This innovative system features streamlined control functionality through a digital touch screen, enabling real-time setting adjustments and advanced troubleshooting capabilities for reduced downtime and quick issue resolution. For more details on the TR60, reach out to Bay Shore Systems today.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.