CZM EK160 Drilling Rig

The CZM EK160 is a cylinder crowd drilling rig that is mounted on a CAT 330 chassis. It stands out as CZM’s most popular model due to its versatility and power. Notably, it can be easily converted from a Long Mast to a Short Mast configuration, catering to different project requirements. This rig is recognized as the most powerful one-load machine on the market, boasting an easy setup and the capability to self-erect, which streamlines the preparation process on job sites.

Product and Technical Information

The base of the EK160 is the Cat 330 Next Gen, which is powered by a fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final C7.1 ACERT engine. The rig is also equipped with CAT Vision Link, a system that enables management to monitor machine operations and maintenance data online, enhancing the efficiency of fleet management and operational oversight.

The undercarriage of the EK160 is a Caterpillar variable undercarriage VH4400/4300/700 with a reinforced frame H style, providing a stable and adaptable platform for various drilling conditions.
The mast is constructed with high resistance steel Weldox 700, ensuring durability and the ability to withstand the rigorous demands of drilling operations.

The main winch features a special groove design that improves cable winding and extends cable life. It includes a press-roller, two gears for high speed and high pulling force, automatic gear shifting for smooth operation, an automatic down-the-hole winch stop, a free willing winch during crowd operation, and both hydraulic and mechanical brakes. The pulling force is hydraulically measured and displayed in the cabin for the operator’s convenience.

The rotary head of the EK160 is robustly designed with two slewing bearings, a robust pinion, and main gear. It is equipped with two groups of Hydraulic Motor / Planetary Gears for high torque and longevity. The anti-cavitation, anti-shock, and cooling systems ensure the hydraulic motor’s extended life. The power-shift feature allows for a high spin-off speed of 120rpm for quick discharge of soil. The rig offers three operation speeds and three spinoff speeds, automatic gear shifting for seamless operation, and exchangeable keys that are bolted for easy maintenance. The torque is hydraulically measured and displayed in the cabin for the operator.

The cab is equipped with an AM/FM radio, air conditioning/heating, ROPS cab & top protection, and an LCD monitor for the engine and hydraulics computer with a diagnostic system. Additionally, the CZM Canbus System for Drilling Monitoring with auto functions provides the operator with advanced monitoring and control capabilities, enhancing the drilling operation’s efficiency and safety.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.