Jeffrey Machine Tool 30″ Max Cut Dirt Auger

The Jeffrey Machine Tool 30″ Max Cut Dirt Auger is a robust and adaptable drilling tool designed for efficient soil penetration and removal. It is part of a range that includes commonly requested diameters from 14 inches to 144 inches, with the capability to accommodate custom sizes based on the Kelly box size and specific project requirements. This auger is a Type 6 model and offers a variety of cutting configurations to suit different drilling conditions: DC/DF (Double Cut/Double Flight), DC/SF (Double Cut/Single Flight), and SC/SF (Single Cut/Single Flight). These configurations provide options for the rate of soil removal and the aggressiveness of the cut.

Product and Technical Information

Key features of the 30″ Max Cut Dirt Auger include:

– Kelly boxes that are made according to the customer’s specifications, ensuring compatibility with their drilling equipment.

– A center shaft with an outside diameter (OD) ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches. A solid shaft option is available for certain sizes, providing additional strength where needed.

– Flight thickness options from 1 inch to 2 inches, with all flight inside diameters (ID) beveled to ensure better weld penetration and, consequently, the durability of the auger.

– Hard Surface Outer Edge for wear protection, which helps to extend the life of the auger in abrasive soil conditions.

The wear items for the Dirt Auger include:


– 201 Tooth (34100), designed for effective soil drilling.


– W0-5 Holder (36010), which securely holds the teeth in place.


– JM-08 Pilot w/2½” sq (40470)

– JM 8” Pilot w/4″ sq (40260)

– JM 10” Pilot w/4″ sq (40262)

– JM 12” Pilot w/4″ sq (40264)

These pilots are available in various sizes to match the specific drilling requirements and ensure accurate drilling starts and guidance.

The 30″ Max Cut Dirt Auger is engineered to offer high performance and durability for drilling projects that require precision and efficiency in soil conditions. With its customizable options and wear-resistant parts, it is a reliable choice for a wide range of drilling applications.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.