KLEMM – KR 702-3 Drilling Rig

The KLEMM drilling rig is a formidable force in specialized foundation engineering, offering unparalleled versatility for vertical drilling both indoors and outdoors. This rig is compatible with a separate Power Pack, ensuring efficient operation across various applications. For environmentally sensitive or indoor projects, the electric Power Pack PP 55E, boasting a 55 kW capacity, serves as a clean alternative to the diesel-powered Power Pack PP 117G. This flexibility allows the drilling rig to adapt to project-specific power requirements and regulations.

Product and Technical Information

Designed with a focus on performance, load-bearing capacity, and adaptability, the drilling rig excels in restricted spaces. The KR 702-3 model, in particular, is engineered for tight conditions, easily navigating through doorways up to 2400 mm high and 750 mm wide.

The rig is adept at handling a diverse array of tasks, including the installation of micropiles and mini piles, GEWI piles, underpinning, jet grouting, and the creation of uplift anchors. Its compact dimensions do not hinder its robust capabilities, making the KLEMM drilling rig an optimal choice for projects requiring precision and power in confined environments.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.