KLEMM – KR 704-2E Drilling Rig

The KLEMM KR7032E drilling rig, with its electric drive, is the quintessential equipment for operations in confined spaces, particularly in urban settings where quiet, emission-free work is paramount. Its slender base carrier, just 750 mm wide, and the use of telescopic drill masts enable it to navigate through narrow doorways and work under low ceilings, making it perfect for specialist foundation engineering tasks such as micro piles and underpinning with high-pressure injection columns, even in challenging conditions.

Product and Technical Information

The rig’s stability is assured by its independently adjustable crawlers, spanning from 750 to 1250 mm, and its telescopic hydraulic outriggers. The telescopic drill mast allows for operations under ceiling heights ranging from 2.20 to 3.20 m, or optionally from 2.50 to 3.50 m, using drill rods and casings with lengths of 1500 mm or 2000 mm, respectively, and providing a retractive force of 60 kN.

The drill mast’s kinematics enable lateral pivoting of the drill axis (± 35°), enhancing both maneuverability and the ability to reach drilling points near building corners. Additionally, the mast can be lowered 450 mm below ground level to accommodate subgrade variations, and the upper carriage’s longitudinal movement of up to 300 mm allows for precise alignment over the drilling point without repositioning the entire rig.

Surface inclinations are effortlessly compensated with the “Tilt drill mast” (10° forward, 90° backward) and “Rotate drill mast” (± 45°) functions. The hydraulic system is equipped with a load-sensing pump and load-independent flow control blocks, directly connected to a CAN bus for high precision and consistency. The system operates at a pressure of 350 bar for drilling functions and includes Minimess connections for diagnostics. This new hydraulic design also supports the use of a lightweight hydraulic drifter.

Remote control operation via radio technology provides significant advantages in tight spaces, allowing all functions—driving, setup, and drilling—to be managed from a distance. The rig complies with EN 16228, offering SPM mode for operations without a separating guard under special conditions and ROM mode for restricted operations. The control system’s architecture, featuring a 5.7” color display, is standardized to Performance Level C, ensuring a high level of safety against control malfunctions.

The drilling rig is pre-equipped for the installation of KLEMM’s separating protective devices. It offers various drill mast configurations to suit different tasks, including:

– Drill mast type 164, telescoping from 2.20 m to 3.20 m with a 60 kN retraction force
– Drill mast type 164, extending from 2.50 m to 3.50 m with a 60 kN retraction force
– Drill mast type 160, measuring 3.95 m with a lattice mast extension of 2 + 1 m for HPI, and a 39 kN retraction force

To further customize the rig for specific drilling requirements, additional options are available, such as:

– Rotary heads up to 25 kNm, like the KH 25
– Hydraulic drifter KD 408
– Hydraulic clamping devices for drill casings up to a maximum diameter of 356 mm
– Hydraulic clamping and breaking devices for casings up to a maximum diameter of 254 mm
– Cable winch with up to 10 kN pulling force and cat head
– High-pressure injection equipment for mono, bi, and tri-phase systems
– Duplex heads for cased bores up to 356 mm in diameter
– Flushing heads for central flushing with air, water, or slurry

The KLEMM KR7032E drilling rig is engineered for precision drilling in tight spaces, offering a combination of power, versatility, and advanced technology to meet the demands of modern foundation engineering.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.