KLEMM – KR 801-3GS Drilling Rig

KLEMM KR8013GS Drilling Rig: Compact Versatility Meets Advanced Engineering The KLEMM KR8013GS drilling rig is a masterclass in compact design, offering universal application across a spectrum of special civil engineering projects. It excels in light to moderately challenging drilling tasks, with a total track width of 2200 mm for stable oscillation. This drilling rig boasts significant enhancements in engine power and pump performance, featuring power sharing and the Energy-Efficiency-Package “EEP” for optimized resource management. The machine’s control system is engineered to Performance Level C (ISO 13849) standards, ensuring exceptional fault tolerance and fail-safe functionality. It supports ROM*1 and SPM*2 operational modes in line with EN 16228 and is ready for the integration of KLEMM’s proprietary separating protective devices.

Product and Technical Information

The KR8013GS’s robust boom assembly is designed for maximum flexibility and load-bearing capacity, accommodating moderately heavy drill head units from the KH and KD series, along with drill rods up to 4000 mm in length.

Tailored to specific drilling requirements, the rig offers a selection of drill masts, including those with gear feed or cylinder feed (recommended for HPI applications), capable of exerting up to 60 kN of retraction force.

The intelligent construction of the undercarriage eliminates the need for hydraulic outriggers, simplifying the tramming process on-site. The rig’s dual pump Load-Sensing hydraulics system ensures fuel efficiency and provides a highly effective hydraulic supply to active components. A pioneering feature is the rig’s compatibility with the latest generation of high-pressure hydraulic drilling heads, operating at a system pressure of up to 350 bar.

The exterior design of the KR8013GS sets new benchmarks in ergonomics, maintainability, and aesthetics. Among its many practical features are:

– The GAMMA 202 water pump
– High-pressure washers like the DYNASET
– A lubrication system
– Remote-controlled handling systems such as the HBR 300 or HBR 301 for drill rods
– The option to integrate a winch with a side-shift sled
– The KLEMM drill data recording system MBS for precise operational analysis

With its advanced features and compact footprint, the KLEMM KR8013GS drilling rig is the epitome of efficiency and versatility for the modern drilling industry.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.