SoilMEC SR-30 Drilling Rig

The SR-30 Eagle from Soilmec is a testament to the adage “When Less is…More,” offering a compact yet powerful solution for drilling operations. Despite being the smallest model in Soilmec’s lineup, the SR-30 Eagle doesn’t compromise on performance. Its lightweight design, under 30 tons for transport complete with a 4×9 Kelly Bar, makes it an agile contender in the field.

Product and Technical Information

The rig’s high torque rotary head, rated at 131 kNm, and a robust Diesel engine with 149 kW power in both T3 and Stage V, ensure it can tackle demanding drilling tasks with ease. The new segmental mast design, exclusive to the SR-30 Eagle, streamlines setup, allowing the rig to transition from truck to piling in less than 30 minutes, maximizing on-site efficiency.

Safety and connectivity are at the forefront with the inclusion of the DMS 4.0 system, which enhances the rig’s operational capabilities by providing advanced connectivity and accessibility options. The Cylinder Crowd System (CCS) offers a pull-up and pull-down capacity of 124 kN and 85 kN, respectively, while the main winch provides a solid 102 kN lifting capacity.

Transportability is a key feature of the SR-30 Eagle, with a minimum transport weight of just 29.6 tons without the Kelly Bar. When it comes to large diameter pile (LDP) capabilities, the rig can achieve a maximum diameter of 1500/3000 mm and a maximum depth of 37.7/47.5 m, making it a versatile machine for various piling projects.

In summary, the SR-30 Eagle is engineered for those who need a compact drilling rig without sacrificing power and functionality. Its design and technological advancements make it a smart choice for operators looking to enhance their drilling operations with a machine that offers quick setup, powerful performance, and advanced safety features.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.