CZM – SP25 Pile Driving Rig

The SP25 is a versatile pile driver tailored for Solar Field contractors, boasting the ability to swiftly convert between standard, long, or short mast configurations. It’s engineered to be the most user-friendly, robust, efficient, and safest pile driver available in the solar power industry.

Product and Technical Information


The SP25 features an integrated touch screen computer, enabling operators to personalize certain functions, keep track of maintenance schedules, and monitor operating conditions for optimal performance.


Equipped with advanced telematics, the SP25 allows CZM’s aftersales and engineering team to perform remote troubleshooting via a global cellular network, ensuring timely support and machine uptime.

Mast Displacement Auto Center:

Enhance your operational productivity and precision with the simple push of a button. The Auto Center function automatically aligns the mast within the displacement range before pile placement, streamlining the process and boosting productivity.


The SP25’s auto-tilt feature utilizes tilt sensors along the x and y axes to automatically return the mast to a vertical position. This ensures the mast’s alignment, so every pile driven or hole drilled is executed with perfect verticality.

Auto Positioning System:

The auto positioning system on the SP25 uses GPS data to automate mast displacement, further improving the efficiency and accuracy of pile driving tasks.

Auto Crowd:

Operators can effortlessly lock the crowd output with the touch of a button, simplifying the pile driving process and enhancing control during operations.

The SP25 by CZM is the pinnacle of innovation for solar power construction, delivering unparalleled efficiency and precision to solar field contractors.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.