Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip Vibratory Pile Driver

The Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip represents a significant leap in the versatility and efficiency of deep foundation construction work. As an excavator-mounted vibratory pile driver, it boasts a side clamp system with Quick-Change and 3PAS technology, enabling precise handling, driving, and extraction of various pile types, including H-beams, sheet piles, tubes, and timber piles. This vibratory hammer’s adaptability is unmatched, as it can be installed on any excavator class from 22 to 45 tons, making it ideal for working in confined spaces where traditional piling equipment cannot operate. The intuitive control and assistance system, complete with an inclinometer, ensures that operators can maximize productivity and maintain a high level of precision throughout the pile driving process.

Product and Technical Information

The side-clamp system’s versatility is further enhanced by its ability to handle different pile types with standard clamps, while the Quick-Change technology facilitates swift transitions between applications. The 3PAS system provides a three-point grip that maximizes the vibratory hammer’s capacity, ensuring effective pile driving under any conditions.

Installation simplicity is another hallmark of the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip, with a control system that’s easy to transfer between excavators. This simplicity extends to the use of various pile types on the same worksite, thanks to the Quick-Change and 3PAS systems.

Precision in pile driving is achieved through the Control and Assistance System, which includes an inclinometer that displays the pile’s position on a screen in the excavator’s cab. This system is not only easy to install but also enhances the operator’s ability to drive piles with maximum accuracy.

Safety features of the MultiGrip include hydraulic cylinders with a check-valve system to maintain jaw closure in the event of a pipe failure, and hydraulic accumulators to ensure the equipment’s operational safety.

The technical specifications of the MG-60 and MG-90 models cater to different excavator classes, with both offering a frequency of 2800 RPM and a maximum pressure setting of 310 BAR. The MG-60 is suitable for 22-30 ton excavators, while the MG-90 fits 30-45 ton excavators, each designed to deliver powerful centrifugal force and amplitude for effective pile driving. The models differ in weight, number of eccentrics, and dimensions, providing options to suit various project requirements and ensuring that the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip is a comprehensive solution for foundation construction challenges.

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