KLEMM – HBR 120 Manipulator Attachment System

The Klemm HBR120 is a versatile manipulator handling system designed for mini excavators, capable of accommodating both single and double drill systems. This system is engineered to streamline the process of managing drill casings and rods, enhancing efficiency and safety on the job site.

Product and Technical Information

The HBR120 handling system is an ideal attachment for excavators weighing over 5 tons. It is adept at handling casings and rods with a maximum usable length of 3000 mm, as detailed in the comparison chart on page 3. For single drill rods, the system can manage a maximum usable length of 4000 mm, with further details also provided in the chart on page 3.

Featuring an electro-hydraulic parallel control, the HBR120 allows for precise and effortless rotating, tilting, and clamping of casings, as well as clamping of inner rods. The compact design of the electrically controlled hydraulic valves ensures they are both space-efficient and mechanically shielded within the tilt rotator’s structure.

As an added layer of security, the clamps that secure the casings and rods are fitted with load holding valves. This critical safety feature guarantees the secure retention of drill tooling, even in the event of hydraulic system damage.

The tilt-rotator of the HBR120 is designed with two vertically arranged functional levels: a rotation function that allows for a full 360-degree endless axis rotation, and a tilt function with a cylinder that provides a tilt angle of +/- 40 degrees.

Up to three clamps can be installed on the console, thanks to the modular system design. The handling system ensures that all casing and rod combinations are automatically centered on the central axis during the clamping process, a feature of the patented system.

To facilitate seamless integration with existing equipment, joystick add-ons are included to adapt to the excavator’s joysticks. This ensures operators can manage the handling system with the same precision and control they are accustomed to, making the Klemm HBR120 a user-friendly and efficient addition to any drilling operation.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.