Jeffrey Machine Tool 60″ Cut Core Barrel

The 60″ Cut Core Barrel is a robust drilling tool designed for heavy-duty applications and can be customized to suit a wide range of drilling conditions. It is part of a versatile product line that includes commonly requested diameters from 16 inches to 144 inches, with the option to accommodate custom sizes that exceed 144 inches as per the customer’s request.

Product and Technical Information

Key features of the 60″ Cut Core Barrel include:

– Kelly boxes that are tailored to the customer’s specifications, ensuring a perfect fit with their drilling equipment.

– Standard 1-inch thick gussets that provide additional strength and support to the core barrel structure, enhancing its durability during drilling operations.

– Barrel thickness options of up to 2 inches, offering robust construction capable of withstanding demanding drilling tasks.

– Two undersize options for the cutting teeth to allow for optimal cutting performance: a 2-inch undersize for .990 teeth and a 3-inch undersize for 38mm teeth.

– The height of the core barrel is determined by the customer, allowing for a customized solution based on the specific requirements of the drilling project.

– Various layout pattern options for the placement of the teeth, including 3 tooth, 5 tooth, and 7 tooth configurations, which can be selected to match the drilling conditions and desired cutting efficiency.

For the core barrel parts, customers have a choice between .990 Rock Wear Parts and 38mm Rock Wear Parts. The .990 options include:

– .990 Standard (30122) for general rock drilling applications.
– .990 Dragon’s Tooth® (30145) for enhanced cutting action and wear resistance.
– .990 Dragon Holder (32049) to securely hold the .990 teeth in place.

The 38mm Rock Wear Parts are designed for heavy-duty rock drilling and include:

– B47K19LK80-H (30182), which is a robust tooth option for challenging rock conditions.
– 38mm Dragon’s Tooth® (30188) for aggressive cutting and extended service life.
– 38mm Round Dragon Holder (32110) to accommodate the 38mm teeth.

The 60″ Cut Core Barrel is engineered to provide reliable and efficient drilling performance, with a focus on customization to meet the diverse needs of drilling projects in various ground conditions.

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For outstanding service and expert advice, call us today at (877) 852-0012.